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Fantastic views of pointe de La Masse 3318 meters!

kabelbaan la masse.jpg zondag 16 jan 2022

Sunday January 16th 2022
Fantastic views of pointe de La Masse 3318 meters!
Fastest cable car in France
No expenses were spared in the construction of the new cabin-lift to the Pointe de la Masse. The area has built a state-of-the-art Leitner ski cabin-lift. This is one of the two fastest ski cabins in France. This cabin lift is 3318 meters long and takes you uphill at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. In one ride you go up a thousand meters: from the village to the top! The new cabin-lift replaces two ski-lifts. This makes the summit a lot easier to reach. Until now, too many skiers found it too much trouble, because less than 20% took the second elevator to the summit. Starting next season, the climb to the Pointe de la Masse will take only 8 minutes instead of the 25 minutes it took until now! If this is not an improvement!

Greetings, Team Chalet 15